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  • Neil Wylie

Thursday, January 5th, 2023 At Sea Queen Mary 2

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Today we slept late and missed the breakfast service in the Britannia which finishes at 9:30AM, instead we enjoyed a few breakfast items in the Carinthia Lounge – we really like this room since its remodel a few years ago. Our insights lecture today was given in the Royal Court Theater by Grant Harrold former butler to Prince Charles. The lecture was very well attended, and Grant was a very polished speaker; he covered his time at most of the royal residences and filled in the story with many very funny anecdotes. Grant did a good job of showing the more everyday side of the royals, I found it surprising to hear how much the then-prince interacted with his butler in a very informal way. Sir Samuels is a coffee bar located midships on deck 3 and we have enjoyed this place on all of our Queen Mary 2 cruises. At lunchtime today Sir Samuels was very busy, we managed to find an open table, but were surprised to find the whole coffee bar was being served by a single waitress. I suppose I should just chill-out and be more patient, it’s not like we are in a hurry to get somewhere. The coffee was excellent along with the selection of sandwiches and we enjoyed some nice conversations with fellow passengers. The weather has turned quite cold and windy with heavy fog, and so we did not make it out on deck to do any walking today. The sea is a bit livelier today, but Queen Mary 2 is handling it very well with only very mild movement to remind you that you are on a ship. For a nominal fee of $25 the Queen Mary 2 offers an alternative dining venue in a sectioned off area of the Kings Court buffet; the menu is set each evening and rotates between Italian, Indian and Asia. Tonight we had dinner at the alternative dining venue, the menu was Italian and it was very good; I opted for the Spaghetti Arrabietta and it was cooked table-side. Sandra had Chicken Parmigiana and it was excellent.



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